2005 Pictures

April to November

Cambrai, Holland

Belgium, Verdun,

Germany, Strasbourg,

Champagne, Paris, Burgundy

St Jean de Losne


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1st World War tank at Cambrai

  Van Nelle at Cambrai

  One of many Chateaux on the way to Belgium and Holland

Rotterdam at Van Grevenstein's yard

Rear view at Van Grevenstein's for plates, roof, rudder and stern gland







Amsterdam VOC ship

Same again, front view of the Maritime Museum


  Rotterdam skyline and bridge

   The Queen's anniversary in Amsterdam

  Delft pottery being painted







  Holland is nothing if not cheese


  And at Alkmaar, a cheese market - the last real one left

  There's other forms of cheese markets

  Our great friends Else and Marcus made us welcome

   We're not the only historic ship - this lot in Rotterdam

  Look thru the window - the Van Nelle Factory in Amsterdam

  There it is again, the Van Nelle coffee and tea factory

  It is now a historic building - like the ship !

   Some of the ephemera - tea and coffee tins, packages and posters

   Holland is also TULIPS - this at the famous tulip garden outside Amsterdam

  Another flower

  On the inland sea, the Markmeer, a Dutch ship in full flight

  ... and WINDMILLS..... and more barges

  You come across the strangest sights - this at a musikcafe








Out of Holland now and in Belgium - at Dinant (we are under the bridge)

  At the barge rally we hoist the Van Nelle flag

   And enjoyed some bargee company at dinner in the armoury

  explored the castle battlements and museum

  and departed in company - big locks eh ?

  Not all the scenery is picturesque - this is a cement factory - pass quick !

  Much better - the port at Verdun

  Where Pippa and Rhonda joined the ship

  The Ossuary at Verdun.  Verdun was known as the mincer in WWI

  Far fewer graves than deceased here

  One of the 'impregnable' forts of the French - taken by 6 German soldiers

  Inside - the gun mechanism

  Another dinner aboard

  And to follow - why, dancing of course

  A rest from the frolics

  Now here's a new means of propulsion.  This in Germany on the Moselle

  We were joined on the Saar in Germany by Rolly and Val from NZ

  Not a bad weekender

  Time for a haircut

  No the legs aren't hidden - its just very short

  Another lock, this one overgrown with weed on the gates







 Strasbourg, just short of the lock opposite the hospital


  The Strasbourg Cathedral square - a 16th century house

  The European Parliament building

  The water tour group returns.  Miria and Rod, Lissie and Max

  Petit France at Strasbourg

  Under way again, the VIPs relax

  And dine sumptuously, formally

  The inclined plane at Arzviller

  Time for lunch before a visit to the brewery

  Nancy, some fancy gates

  The palace at Nancy

  And now at Paris Disneyland







  The Space Cannon at Disney - not the best or scariest ride but the most colourful

  Paris itself and IM Pei's pyramid at the Louvre

  Inside the Louvre, somewhat more sumptuous

  Delacroix's spirit of the revolution

  The inside of another Chateau - Fontainbleu

  Approaching the tunnel at Pouilly - 3.5km long

  A wine press in Burgundy

  A lighthouse in Burgundy - Why ? you ask - A tourist attraction !

Thats all folks !

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