This is your story.  It is imperative therefore that your objectives and limits are clear from the outset and constantly checked along the way.  It is also important that you and your family experience and enjoy the developments along the way - during the journey of discovery.

Initial Parameters

Initial research

Story creation

Book format

Ongoing consultation

Family input

We work with you to understand and document your objectives and limitations - time, cost, breadth of research and results.

We provide the results of our research along the way, involving you in the journey while checking results against your objectives

As we go we draft the story, filling in the flesh on the bones of facts and show you how we are progressing.

We involve you in the creation of the format for your Family History Book - chapter and verse - from the beginning.

As we discover, so we uncover.  We continue to involve you throughout the project.

We use our own tools to gain input from each member of your family in order to gather their information for future generations.