What options are there ?  How much will this cost ?  Do we have control on setting and managing the costs ?  

     The option you choose and its cost is pretty much up to you - see the options below.


Are there complicated legal documents that will cause us problems and additional costs in the future  ? 

     No, we draft a document confirming the objectives, scope of work and limitations which is then agreed to jointly and used as a guide for work conducted and the charges made for it.


What options are there ? 

     We can operate on a range of cost bases.  Fixed cost, hourly rates, rate and expenses or a retainer contract.

     (Retainer contracts provide ongoing connection so that after the initial project is complete, if there are other trails to follow you have priority access to our time and expertise).


Do we have control on setting and managing the costs ? 

    Absolutely.  By using a fixed cost basis, you outline the scope of the project, a time limit, outcomes requires and we agree a fixed cost to complete the project.  If there are changes or additions requested by you during the project, extensions are agreed and added to the fixed price.  The fixed price can include research, writing, securing source documents and certificates, expenses, travel, book publication and other agreed elements.



How much will this cost ? 

     That depends on the scope, your objectives and how far you want to proceed.  There are a number of hourly rates available - Research, writing, administrative, publishing, travel, collaboration, review.  These range from $ 40 per hour for administrative tasks to $ 100 ph for onsite research, writing and publishing.  Fixed cost contracts will take our estimate of the time, costed on an average hourly rate.  When working on an hourly rate basis, we provide monthly reports of hours worked at the appropriate rates for your approval.


    Expenses such as travel, travel time, accommodation, meals, transfers, accumulation of documentation etc are charged at cost and often can be shared with other clients or our personal travel arrangements.


    We have a belief that 80% can be done in 20% of the time and cost - the last 20% takes 80% of the time and cost.  The further back you want to go, the more obscure the family, the more difficult the project and therefore the higher the cost.  We suggest - Set limited initial objectives and extend them based on success.

WARNING:  There are organisations, websites and individuals who will offer quick and relatively inexpensive information, swearing it to be true and relevant to you on all manner of information from family name and coats or arms to family histories going back for hundreds of years.  Without verification that absolutely connects YOUR family to this information IT IS USELESS.