What is Research ? Locating source or corroborative information, interpreting its information, determining its veracity and value, verifying the relevance of the information and establishing the right to its use is what we do.








McDaniell Associates has access to international databases through membership and subscription and uses these to scan billions of records worldwide to find individuals, establish their relationships, document their existence and gain certificates proving their value.  These include genealogical, shipping, government, church and social sites.

Many state and national agencies do not allow internet access to their databases (EG UK and Australian state births deaths and marriages) in order to protect against identity theft and terrorism.  Only by physically applying for information after clearance can some data be accessed.

We have Reader status at local and overseas records offices and professional colleagues who can act for us internationally to expedite long distance searches.  As useful as these are to identify first string and some follow on information, they do have other local clients pressing for information and so, it is sometimes expeditious to conduct research onsite in other states and countries.

Researching families, many false trails are encountered.  It is only by the verification process that accuracy and relevance is established and this is only effective with direct, immediate access to source data.  If you are not there - you can have to go back time and again and wait for days to access the alternative strings you may need to find the right people or information.  This can add to cost by detracting from accuracy and efficiency of effort.  It can also mean getting many certificates of unrelated people.

Different information can be gained from different sources, EG some countries BD&M data includes more than name and age, sometimes parents, siblings, professions.  Knowing which and how to use this to gain connections between generations is key.

WARNING:  There are organisations, websites and individuals who will offer quick and relatively inexpensive information, swearing it to be true and relevant to you on all manner of information from family name and coats of arms to family histories going back for hundreds of years.  Without verification that absolutely connects YOUR family to this information IT IS USELESS.