Miscellaneous Pictures



  Snow on Van Nelle at St Jean de Losne

  Quiz nite - MC - Jay

  Matthew and Caroline, Alex and Marilyn

  At Charles house

  The Paris Metro

  Napoleon's tomb

  Another stunning stained glass window

  Napoleon's throne at Fontainbleu


  Wayne and Pip, Frank and Chris

  Them again and the owner of the Forge at Buffon

  Peeling potatoes

  Fishermen - a competition

  The Lord High Admiral

  Sandy and Lynn

  Lynn and the Notre Dame

  The famous Pont d'Avignon

  The Popes palace at Avignon

  Van Nelle at rest on the Saone River

  The Moullin Rouge in Paris

  Our favourite silver shop - L'Argenterie.  Buy by the kilo

  Someone has to do it

  Lunch !!!!

  Dijon port

  Dancing on the deck

  Boules in the afternoon

  The farewell from my choir at Montech

  Some upstanding young French women, cast in marble

  Salsa dancing in Dijon