PLEASE NOTE:  This is an indication of the extent of the navigable waterways in France.  There are 15,000km of rivers and canals in service in Europe, 7,500 in France and 7,500 in Belgium, Germany and Holland.  The network extends from the North of Holland to the Mediterranean and from the English Channel to the Swiss Border.

During 2001, we traveled from Loosdrecht in The Netherlands (off the map to the north), down to St Jean de Losne (centre of France), where we wintered.

The 2002 Program will see us cruise up the Rhone au Rhine to Besancon, up the Bourgogne Canal and the Haut Seine to Paris, down the Seine and the Lateral a la Loire to Roanne and then onto the Saone and then the Rhone to the Mediterranean.  We will complete the year cruising the famous Midi Canal from the Mediterranean to Bordeaux.

The small map below shows (YELLOW) the route from the Netherlands to St Jean de Losne in 2001.  The PINK line shows the intended cruise path for 2002.

YELLOW line indicates 2001 trip.


PINK line indicates 2002 plan















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